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Ned Wolpert

Scottsdale, Arizona


Senior level software developer with a background in all aspects of software development, including design, implementation, deployment, management and consulting services. History also includes process management, configuration management and automation as well as database management, database optimization and general UNIX system administration.

Interests include new software development work with scaling or big-data considerations as well as business optimization through automation.


Software Developer
October 2009 - present
iMemories | Scottsdale, AZ
Work includes scaling up the capacity of the iMemories video encoding and production infrastructure including new software development. Replacing current grid and business process management solutions to handle issues due to rapid growth. Using Java/Groovy/Grails, Activiti, GridGain/Zookeeper, Cassandra and PostgreSQL. Large storage array provided by Luster. Application server in a UNIX deployment.
VP of Engineering
November 2006 - October 2009 Corpedia, Inc. | Phoenix, AZ
Lead a small team of developers for the redevelopment of the current Learning Management System (LMS) using the Ruby On Rails framework. Includes system architecture of the new UNIX-based application suite, application design and object-oriented modeling and automating deployment. Provided configuration manager support. Setup and maintained the continuous integration testing and production environment deployment. Activities also includes optimizing PostgreSQL and Apache, E-Mail integration and system load testing.
Lead Software Engineer
April 2001 - November 2006
Thomson NETg / KNET | Scottsdale, AZ
Java developer and technical lead for eLearning applications. Lead engineer of the Jabber-based, multi-platform Virtual Classroom System that provides instructor lead training to remote learners. Developed an assessment engine and other eLearning components. Worked within a strong team environment to create fast, scalable applications using Servlets, SOAP, JMS, Hibernate, Spring IOC, Spring MVC and many Jakarta projects including Tomcat, Ant, Velocity and Axis. Implemented build systems using Maven, Ant and CruiseControl for continuous integration. Assisted in deploying PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Apache, Jabber, Asterisk and other open-source tool in production environments, under Solaris and Linux. Created current configuration management system and deployment strategy.
February 2000 - October 2007
Method Systems | Westminster, CO
Officially began the corporation in February 2000, with incorporation in summer 2000. Purpose was to provide a base for OpenWFM, an open-source workflow management product, and generate software to help manage business processes. Work include: Workflow/Process management software development using Java Servlets and JSP pages, PostgreSQL database, Tomcat and jBoss EJB for business logic. Used Apache's Cocoon engine for XML/XSL support. Running on FreeBSD and Linux. Also used Castor JDO as the ORM tool. Provided web-hosting and web-application development for small businesses. Incorporated business, produced business plans to try to secure funding.
Senior Developer
October 2000 - March 2001
Verge Corp | Boulder, CO
Senior J2EE Consultant/Developer for Verge Corp. Developer for a product that automated web-hosting administration for self-scaling J2EE sites. Worked on the team to help architect, design and implement the new version of the product. Integrated with open-source tools, including Cocoon XML/XSL engine, PostgreSQL database, Linux and the jBoss EJB application server. Implemented JMX layers for application management for the new version of the product.
Software Engineer
May 2000 - October 2000
Sun Microsystems | Broomfield, CO
Member of the Sun.Com IT department. Helped architect, design and implement new web site that makes use of JSP for dynamic content. Includes moving current CGI scripts into JSP pages or Servlets, localized content, and integrated with Documentum for content management. Support established website in production. Formal training in Design Patterns.
Software Engineer
October 1999 - May 2000
Radiance Group | Boulder, CO
Assisted with architecture and design of Internet based medical software billing and patient care solution that used HTML browsers. Servers written using a combination of Java Server Pages (JSP), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) and XML/XSL via Cocoon. TopLink was used to map object to a relational database. Designed and implemented integration layer between EJB server and the front-end HTML rendering system.
Software Engineer
April 1998 - October 1999
Novazen, Inc | Boulder, CO
Provided analysis, design and implementation of web-enabled Internet customer care application. Functionality included electronic bill presentment, bill payment, order entry, product catalog, and automatic call distribution. Written initially with WebObjects and Java, and later as a Java Servlet/EJB system. Provided a template interface to separate HTML layout code from the services provided by the EJBs. Used XML/XSL for HTML rendering for some portions of the application. Integrated iLog jRules inference engine for targeting advertisements. Assisted in development of the corporate methodology for the software development process. Member of the Architecture group. Requirements gathering, analysis and architecture of a Java solution to web site personalization with customer privacy protected. Required the use of the P3P standard from the W3C, and the use of IBM's alphaworks parser tools for P3P and XML.
Software Engineer
December 1997 - March 1998
NexTek Software | Denver, CO
Migrated database management software from C back-end into Java-based system. Used CORBA for the communications layer, and built the front-end with Java 1.1.5 and Swing (JFC) for the GUI components.
April 1996 - November 1997
Edward Jones | St. Louis, MO
Responsible for helping implement new technologies within Edward Jones. Modified current waterfall methodology to an iterative, Objectory-based methodology, including the standardization on UML for object modeling. Helped integrate RPC calls into Java applications so they could use the existing mainframe communication technique. Mentored employees on Java and object-oriented programming techniques; including the design and implementation of native methods for accessing legacy systems. Created a Java front-end that accesses customer information from an Oracle database, which was also used as an example for new development techniques. Developed the corporate Internet site using HTML templates for easy maintenance. Developed server side CGI (Common Gateway Interface) scripts for the web server. Created a Perl daemon to accept connections through the firewall, from CGI scripts, to retrieve stock quotes and other stored data for the web server. Used RPC programs to retrieve data for the Perl daemon. Designed and implemented a code configuration management environment for the Java programmers.
May 1994 - April 1996
Philips Consumer Electronics | Knoxville, TN
Application design and implementation for a multi- site product data management/ concurrent engineering system, built using HP's WorkManager on top of an Oracle database. Designed and initiated work with Java and HTML to create a Netscape interface into the database. Implemented a problem/bug tracking system and integrated a source code control repository. Used Borne scripts to help increase quality of the software process, and later migrated the scripts to Java. Created an Intranet access site for development work with static and dynamic HTML pages, for the Document Management team. Designed and managed an internal HTML site for the EIS department to distribute support documentation. Other activities includes UNIX and Oracle support, dial in/out and network faxing support, and security consulting. Provided UNIX system support as well as system administration for the Engineering Information Systems group.
System Administrator
July 1991 - May 1994
University of Tennessee | Knoxville, TN
Starting in 1993, supported an UNIX ESV workstation, and an IBM RS/ 6000 (AIX) system. Provided support for Sybyl, a computational chemistry program. Hardware and software UNIX support for the users not familiar with UNIX. Specialized in providing GNU software support for the workstations. Application programming using FoxPro for the chemistry department. The application was a storage and retrieval program for inventory information.

Graduate Teaching Assistant August from 1991 - May 1994. Teaching assistant in the chemistry department graduate school. Courses assisted ranged from general chemistry to computational chemistry and introduction to C++.


Bachelor's Degree, Chemistry 1991 Beloit College | Beloit, WI


Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris
PostgreSQL, Casandra, MySQL, (DB2, MS-SQL, Oracle, etc)
Java, Groovy, Ruby, C, Bash
J2EE, Grails, Rails
GORM, ActiveRecord, Hibernate, TopLink, Castor, JDO, JPA


Non work related interests include evolutionary programming and genetic algorithms.