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Android scenes and WebOS

I started getting into customizing my Evo tonight and I have to say the scenes/widgets concept is pretty good compared to the WebOS ‘cards’. In the palm when you launch an app you have apps divided into three ‘pages’ (cards) that you can launch. So customizing is pretty much pick which of the three cards to place your apps on. The ‘ribbon’ on the Pre is good, and it holds four apps you use a lot.

Android has scenes which is basically five cards (static size, unlike WebOS ‘cards’ that grow as much as it can). You can put app launches, shortcuts to web pages or widgets on it. (Widgets have no palm equivalent save the notification-only apps, which are kinda close.) Plus, you can create your own scenes. So I now have four scenes. Work, weekends, travel and games. We’ll see if I end up keeping all three. The wallpaper integration with the scenes is nice too. I still don’t like the method to switch between apps, but there is a real advantage with the ‘launch’ process Android has over WebOS.  Games wallpaper is… wait for it…. PacMan.

As far as Apps go, yes Android has 50,000+ apps and WebOS has ~2500. But I’d say almost half of the android apps are ebooks, different form of clocks or some thing else that is dumb and/or redundant, where less percentage of the WebOS ones are as crappy. So, Android really has only 10 times more ‘real’ apps then WebOS instead of 20 times. Of course, this still means Android  has more interesting apps then WebOS currently does, and enough where I’m not going to be able to review all their descriptions. (I did for the WebOS)

And, kudos again for the Evo hardware; though that battery cries out in pain. So far this phone has been really fun.

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