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Flour, rice and potato

I lost twelve pounds. I have eight to go. I stopped eating flour, rice and potato.

When I was a vegetarian, flour, rice and potato was mostly my diet. Tastes good, but you never really feel full. A while ago my doctor was concerned that my triglycerides were too high, and surprisingly, my cholesterol was too. Overweight and had high blood pressure. He started talking about needing medicine to control it.

I kinda snapped.

I changed my diet.1500 calories a day. No flour, rice or potatoes. Walk 2.5+ miles a day, five days a week. I monitor my blood pressure with an online-enabled blood pressure cuff. Tracking my caloric intake… weight with a scale that narcs on me. Its been working.

Now for the real trick. I have to normalize my diet.

I cannot eat 1500 calories a day forever. I have to adjust it to the proper amount considering my height, desired weight and activity. When I have lost 20 pounds, I need to be eating the right amount for that weight. I have to keep tracking the calories I consume. Add minor weight-training to keep my muscles working… and quite frankly, get to a point where I’m doing this all naturally… as if it’s just second nature.

Just one question… what do I do with flour, rice and potatoes? When I’m starting to increase my caloric intake to a normal level, where do those go? Potatoes are too easy to overdo… I’ll avoid them. Rice… well, maybe I’ll limit that to sushi. Flour? Bread? All my recipes… can I really re-introduce that again? Flour will be a real challenge.

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