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We went to CostCo and bought the iRobot Roomba. I justify it this way: I’m lazy. I like things that automate my life. Its why I went into computers… I like to automate things that are boring. This isn’t just a way for me to increase my laziness, rather its also a way to increase the wonderment of this world to my bored cats, and increase the general laughter from my wife and son.

I will be adding more pictures soon, and I’m really sorry I missed out in taking pictures in today’s event. Like all good modern products, the roomba (550, if you must know) has a rechargeable battery. So I set it up, put it on its docking station, and it started to pulse ‘amber’ color from the roomba’s top. When its doing that, it means the battery is low, so its slowly juicing itself up. One of my cats, Hunter, decided to check out the sleeping beast, who I’m going to start calling Grendel. Grendel has a brush on the side used to help clean edges of the walls. Hunter decided to play with it, but from on top. Once on top, Grendel let out a little yelp and Hunter got off. Apparently, Hunter hit the clean button, and Grendel backed up, beeping like a Mac truck, and started after Hunter, who’s fur now more resembled a puff ball then a refined feline.

It was absolutely hysterical watching the cats trying to figure out what to do with it. As Grendel would clean, the cats would follow it. Every once in a while, Grendel would find a bit of nasty floor and spiral around to focus on it. The cats would then sit and watch… one on each side of Grendel. One that spot was completed devoid of organic matter, Grendel would break his loop and move forward are some point, freaking out the cat he happened to be pointing at the time. Jacob was enjoying the spectacle too, pretending to be a freaked out cat which of course, would make the cats freak out more. Speaker, our other cat, got caught between the wall and Grendel during this exercise, and as Grendel came closer, inches away, leaped up on Grendel, jumped up again and bounded away. Apparently, Grendel was significantly jarred by the attack that it just stopped there, beeped, waited a second then continued cleaning. I can only assume it was trying to figure out how to transform into a Dalek so that it could respond properly to this lifeform.

I decided to let the battery recharge and hit the docking button on Grendel. The instructions did say to charge before its first use, and I figure its best not to overburden the beast on his first day. Like a drunk, Grendel tried to find its way home… and once there, settled back into its docking station. Hunter has checked out Grendel several times since, but he has yet to climb on top of him again.

One more side note; the cats were not pleased when Grendel tries to clean out their food bowl. I need to put a camera on Grendel.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.
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