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I want a martini.  I’m blogging about it because one of my new years resolutions was to blog more.  But I actually have something to say here which I call the death of the dry martini.

Originally, like 100 years ago or so, martini’s used regular vermouth.  The first ‘dry’ martini used dry vermouth.  1 part vermouth, 2 parts alcohol. (Gin usually)  Over time, less and less vermouth is used.  Okay, so when I go to a bar and want a dry martini, I want it old-style, not pure alcohol.  I have vodka martinis, and when I ask for a dry one, I get basically vodka.  That in itself isn’t a problem, but then I might as well ask for shots.

My perfect martini?  1 part dry vermouth, 1 part gin (Tanqueray) 1 part vodka (Belvidere or better).  Feta-stuffed olives complete it.  Sometimes, only vodka and no gin.  And if you really want to limit the vermouth?  Just give me a shot glass, vodka, and lets start toasting…

For the record, herring and vodka have no second.  Martinis are third.

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