Posts My Grandmother's recipes...

My Grandmother's recipes...

It looks like many of these recipes are most likely from my grandmother, not my mom. Kirsten thinks my mom kept her own recipes elsewhere, especially since we couldn’t find some of hers that we knew were written down. (For example, her famous Snickerdoodles recipe was no where to be found, nor the rum balls.) The recipe box itself was probably my grandmothers, and my mom may have started to add to it at some point.

Its a wonderful find, but I think were missing a notebook of recipes in her handwriting. I can verify the box origins with her sister, who is still alive. One thing we may have found via the box is my fraternal grandfather’s favorite drink/desert. It was written on back of his business card and stored in the box. 1oz Cognac, 1/4oz Creme de Menthe, and one scope of vanilla ice cream. We assume blended. I’ll verify that one with Dad tonight.

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