Posts One more Chicago memory...

One more Chicago memory...

Before I disengage myself from these memories of Chicago, allow me the luxury of one more.  Friday night my father and I went to a concert at a church near their soon to be sold condo.  It was a small string orchestra doing three pieces from Mozart in celebration of his 250 birthday.  They brought in several wind instruments for two of the pieces as needed, and a famous violinist assisted with the violin concerto.

This concert was a small affair… one of many in the city that night. The music was quite good, and the performers did wonderfully.  But what I noticed most of all was the students there.  In contrast to the art institute, they were happily there.  That night, I remembered the biggest thing I left; academic studies.  One subject was never enough for me.  Art and music are just a few of the many that I’ve lost myself within.  Though my parents would find fault with my memory, I did love to learn.  And I saw that in these students eyes.  I’m doing now exactly what I didn’t want to do then; do one thing.  Learn it in the way that is prescribed.  Learn one subject so deeply that you can never escape.

For the record, computers were always just a hobby for me.  Regardless of the fact that I’m better at working with computers then any other subject, it was only a hobby.  When given a choice I didn’t choose computers, I chose philosophy and I chosed chemistry.  How could I have a job in something that I did just for fun?  In hindsight, I realized I never wanted to ‘work’ with something I did for fun.  I didn’t want to ruin it and I wanted to learn more about other things. Of course, now I know there never was a choice.  If I’m good at it, and it’s fun, I should do it.  But that took years for me to learn.  I only hope that those students know that now.

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