Posts Specter of pestilence...

Specter of pestilence...

The specter of pestilence made an early appearance at the Wolpert household this season.  Not only was everyone in this house infected, but also the Kellys and surrounding relatives.  People at work fell ill, some at the same time as me, some later.  And only a few infected had no symptoms past 10 days.  I started feeling the hurt around Nov 19… and it wasn’t until last Friday (Dec 9) that my symptoms were 100% gone.  At one point, Jake’s muscles hurt so bad that he couldn’t walk when he woke up from sleeping.  (Which, BTW, is not that rare with flu and children we found out.  It was just a harsh case of <a href=””  title=”myalgia”>myalgia</a>… but luckly, not post-influenza-B paralysis that can also happen.)  Luckly, we only had 2 days of that.  We also got lucky that Kir’s singing voice was intact by the time the symphony was gearing up for their yearly winter’s performance of <a href=””  title=”Handel’s Messiah”>Handel’s Messiah</a>, which has tickets still available. (Plug)

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