The key/data management project

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About the terrapin subprojects

These subprojects were developed to provide specific features that were reusable across software within CodeHead Systems. THe original projects and new ones being developed are all open-sourced.

Key Store

Key Store (KeyService) is a micro-Service that provides the ability create, store and rotate keys. They can be shared, enabled and disabled. Key generation has a pluggable model for random number generator. (For our purposes, we only use SecureRandom from Java by default.)

Out-of-process mock

OopMock is a way to configure services so that you can mock their downstream dependencies as configured by a test client that runs ‘out-of-process’. The use-case is this: Using a functional test client, configure how your service dependency will behave when called with specific inputs. Then your functional test client calls the service and has expected results. It makes testing error conditions easier and when calls to downstream clients are destructive.

State Machine

StateMachine provides a general-purpose state machine with both programmatic and JSON-loading support for state machine definitions. Stateful objects can use annotations for fields that encompasses the state. It provides metricsImplementation, pluggable locking mechanism and pre/post hooks as well.


CodeHeadTest is a selection of test utilities used internally within CodeHead. These are being release as other code released under terrapin use them. Note datastore-test was created to set up different datastores during unit tests under jUnit5.


As CodeHead Systems was winding down, I wanted to do something with the software that was not specific to any project. So I started Terrapin as a way to get the software into open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. But in the back of my head I wanted to still work on the key/data management project… so I’m renaming that project terrapin.