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I decided to make my internal libGDX library available on github. There is nothing proprietary about it and it could be useful to others. I used it for a few games on Android back when I had my CodeHead google account. It got the job done. Basically has the following features:

  • Unlike the default libGDX project, it uses Dagger for IOC by default.
  • The project structure is more inline with traditional gradle services.
  • Support for asset loading and customization is easy from config files.
  • Can provide an ‘Ashley’ style entity system if desired.
  • Can provide a Box2D ‘world’ if desired.
  • Including hex support, optional.

The features are all viewable from the sample app. Easy to make a new game and start adding pieces as needed right away. Though I should document it better. Right now it was really built just for me and I’m sharing before it is really intended for others to use. But I figure why not.

I’ve also be starting a client/server communication library. I have an idea for a game that would use it, and I didn’t like the existing libraries around. Also, my nights are free so I figured why not and build my own. It’s in progress so don’t expect it to be usable. As I move forward I’ll document it more. The messages on the wire is currently in JSON but I’ll probably change it to protobufs later. Or make the message layer plugable. The client will be in Java but it could be anything really. And there is nothing GDX about the communications library.

The server library is built on Netty so the idea is to be high performing. I’ll have to test it to make sure there are no memory leaks as Netty uses direct memory access. So 1990s…

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.
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