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For years I’ve had this love affair with Java. It’s like an old friend that I can hang with all night. I did stray for a few years with Ruby, but I always came back. Java was stable, repeatable, and everyone else knew what to expect.

I started playing with Rust. It’s annotations feel like pound(#) defines left over from C… and you are forced to identify how you’ll use every variable to avoid having garbage collections waiting for you at runtime during the worst moments. But it has a flow to it that I kinda like. I’ve written a few utilities for home and sure, it’s not a scripting language… but it works. I had intended to move some work lambda’s to Rust, but I ended up not doing it.


So there is a book from pragmatic programmers on using Rust for game design. Rather, it is more about learning Rust by writing games, but whatever. Of course I got it… and now I’m wondering if I could do really work on games in Rust. As in, not using libgdx. I figure start redoing my old ‘revaders’ game in Rust. See if I could release it on Android. But if this works… why not switch for realz?

Meh… this is a good time to be a code head.

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