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Coffee Roasting, Kebele Gotiti

Last weekend I switched to roasting a new Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe called Kebele Gotiti. I’m using my Behmor 2000AB which has been working well for the last few months. I get city+ or full city roasts typically. But last week I ran out of my old Yirga Cheffe and switched to this new one. I have 10 pounds to go through, and I basically use 12oz a week, so this will take at least 2 months to use. At least in theory.

Last week I ran 120z though the Behmor and totally overburned it. I was using the same technique I did my old one. I cleaned up and roasted a new 8oz batch and did a more conservative roast. Now it was highly under-roasted. Enough that I had to throw it away. I did 2 more roasts that weekend, 8oz each, and finally got a light ‘city’ roast. Painfully.

This weekend I did another 8oz batch and again, it was underroasted. Highly annoyed I ratched up the process again and ran another with a longer roasting cycle. I could see chaft turn red from the heat in the process, so I know I was maxing out the roast in the Behmor before it was going to burn. Once it cooled I took it out. Shockingly, it was only city roast.

Unfortunately, I haven’t even tried the coffee yet. I typically let it rest for 10 days before I have the first taste… and that time is coming this week.

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