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Breaking glass...

My wifes computer got a worm, and that computer is the same one we use for Quicken and TurboTax.  Further checks saw that a rootkit got installed.  All from some 2-bit knitting program. So I’ve had it. I convinced her to let me install Ubuntu.  “Would I have everything I already use?” “Yes, Firefox, Picassa and Gaim will all be there.”  “What about editing documents?” “Open office should work fine.”

Ran into a problem with the wireless card, a D-Link 510.  We had the driver so with the magic of ndiswrapper I got it working within 5 mins.  (On Ubuntu Edgy, make sure you ‘apt-get install ndiswrapper-utils-1.8’ rather then just ndiswraper-utils.  You’ll get the 1.1 version on loadndiswrapper won’t work then.)

Now, will Kirsten like it?  So far so good, but time will tell.  I still have to get wine to gulp down my Quicken install, but no money shot there yet.  (So close…) Got some choice DLL installs that should help from my last remaining Windows box; a laptop.  Hmmm…. maybe GnuCash can auto-download transaction history… if it did, well, I wouldn’t need Quicken at all now.  Taxes for this year are done, so I can bite that bullet later.

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