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I quit the other day.  It was actually more difficult then that sounds.  I wrote the letter and sent it to my boss.  I swear it took me 20 minutes to write it.  It consisted only of three sentences.

The hard part of quiting was leaving my friends.  Its one thing to leave co-workers.  That sucks too because they may be counting on you being there to solve problems and help guide future direction.  But I left my friends too.  That really hurt.

A couple of days after I quit, this news release came out.  It seems that it is now public knowledge that SkillSoft bought my company… a company that bought my company years before.  I guess the real thing there is that neither of the companies in question were mine.  I kinda forgot that.  I was just along for the ride.

Considering the above, the real question is what am I leaving?  Here’s the thing; my next job is working full time for some friends of the family; doing Ruby development.  Specifically, the project makes use of the RubyOnRails framework.  I turned down higher paying Java architect positions for this Ruby software development one.  In other words, I’m buying into the Ruby hype now like I did the Java one 11 years ago.

The party will start on November 13th.  I’m hoping this one will last at least as long as the previous…

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