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dStore self registeration

I’ve been working on dStore for months. dStore is a rewrite of an enterprise-grade, multi-tenant distributed no-sql data store; It’s my personal DynamoDB.

Anyways, there are 3 main parts I want to get done before I can really start showing off the project. The data node itself, the control plane and the proxy. Once they are done, then I’m going to start closing the gaps between this and DynamoDB. And to be sure, there are plenty. It may never be fully compatible but I wanted to give it a shot.

I have the node itself able to function, and it can work without the control plane. As of now, I stood up the control plane and, via my end-to-end tests, got the node to self-register with the control plane. The next step is when a new table is added, the control plane configures the nodes via etcd. When the nodes are ready they tell the control plane. So self-registering was an important first step.

Once I have the ability for the control plane to create and drop tables and the nodes are correctly impacted, proxy is next. Then with a MVP, I can finish the initial ddocumentation and define better the end-state. Then I can broadcast this and look for helpers.

This project has been so much fun.

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