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ErgoDox and me

I updated my keyboard at work to the ErgoDox EZ. Its the best keyboard I’ve had in a while… replacing my tried and ‘untrusted’ ErgoPro from Matias. The Matias keyboard worked nicely for me, but they kept flaking out… quality challenges where the keyboard would register multiple clicks all the time or just PCB burnout. And I’ve bought 3 of them over the years. Each one has some problem. So, I upgraded.

The ErgoDox is based on a popular open-source design… and the company I had build mine uses a great plastic for the keys, and standard Cherry MX Brown switches by default. (You can pick any you want.) The feel of the keys is awesome, and the ergonomic layout at first seems perfect. Also easy to customize and just plain fun to use.

However… I’m having trouble getting used to the layout. Not the layout of the alphanumeric keys. Rather the arrow keys, escape, command and enter. I happily moved the control key to where the caps lock was. But I’ve found that I’m so locked on where the arrow keys are its hard to keep the flow going when writing code. The curly braces {} so vital to me went to the bottom right. Also, there are now ‘slow’ keys. Hold down one key for a bit and it turns into another. In my case, the command key. That has to go… I need keys that have a distinct function. My typing is too fast for those keys.

Don’t get me wrong, I can move things as I see fit. And do intended to adjust more. But its a work in progress. I’ve been typing for over 35 years… and I feel like I’m back to learning fresh again.  I’ve gone through several layouts of my keyboard and a plan to do more. Its been 5 weeks… I’m giving it another five till I’m truly comfortable in this design.

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