Posts Making prawf real...

Making prawf real...

Sometime after I left Philips/Magnavox, I came up with the idea for prawf. Over the years, what I wanted prawf to be may have changed, but the core concept never did. I’m finally in a position where I believe I can make prawf a reality. I even think it can make a profit.

What I’ve done is revamped and simplified my core domain model, making it as basic as possible, abandoning the obtuse WfMC guidelines. I used the ‘unUndoable’ ArgoUML for modeling. Used Trello, Google docs, various free online filestores for the planning sessions and keeping track of all documentation. The core server implementation is in Rails with PostgreSQL. Simplified site design makes use of Bootstrap and jQuery. I used various free online-services to make the Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy… to be reviewed by a lawyer at one point. I’m going to use puppet to configure the virtual servers that will run prawf, and test their build out with Vagrant and VirtualBox. But now I’ve started finally to spend money on the project. And this month, will go live.

I’m not expecting Prawf to be perfect when it goes live. Far from it. I’m expecting prawf to go through many iterations before I’d want to market it publicly. I’m planning on updating the site often, and will be making the updates go live as possible with minimum downtime. Its there now for testing only. Once the SSL is setup, I’ll do real backups for the database and start marketing it. (Oh god…. the ‘m’ word…) Still need to get a forum up somewhere so people can request features.

I’ve waited a long time since the demise of Method Systems to bring this project back. I’d like to thank Sarah, Jay and Kirsten for helping with this reboot.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.
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