Posts Maybe I should have been a lawyer...

Maybe I should have been a lawyer...

I’m a netflix subscriber. Recently got an email about a class-action lawsuit against netflix. They are in settlement talks. Here is the breakdown of the settlement:

Netflix has agreed to change its data retention practices so that it separates (known as “decoupling”) Entertainment Content Viewing History (that is, movies and TV shows that someone watched) from identification information for those subscribers who have not been a Netflix subscriber for at least 365 days, with some exceptions. In addition, Netflix will pay $9 million into a Settlement Fund to: • Make donations to Court-approved not-for-profit organizations, institutions, or programs. • Pay notice and settlement administration expenses. • Pay attorneys’ fees of up to 25% or $2.25 million of the Settlement Fund, plus up to $25,000 in expenses. • Pay a total incentive award of $30,000 to the Named Plaintiffs.

The lawyers get $2.25M. Some ‘named plaintiff(s) gets $30k. There is no actual benefit that anyone knows about. (This suit is a response to a failed attempt at making viewing history truly anonymous)

How many lawyers are involved? 2 with a few aides? Dunno…. I can only speculate. You can see details at

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