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Now, Revaders with Sound!

I got my hands on a replica MOOG synthesizer… its a decent version of the original. I decided to use it to create the sounds for Revaders. Even though the MOOG is from the days of early 8-bit games, the sound it generates is not the same as used in those games, so I may change it. But its not bad for a first attempt.

I’m pretty happy with what I got so far with Revaders. The game works on Java and Android now, with what ‘should be’ an easy port to iOS and HTML/GWT. It stores state local to the device and backs it up to the user’s google account should the owner install it on a second device. I did the gravity controls myself, opting against using JBox2D just to see what it was like. Also, learned some of what I like from PlayN, and some of what I don’t…. Got to play with fonts, sounds, and various ‘screens’ in a platform-agnostic way.

Never got the ads working… didn’t know where to put them. I figure an in-app purchase to add features is a good way to provide income should people like the game. I really don’t like the games where the developer has a ‘free’ version and a ‘paid’ version. I’d rather not require the user to install ‘yet another’ game and potentially lose their settings. Google is finally making that easier, which is a serious bonus. I’m set for that, just don’t have the ‘uptick’ in features a purchase would warrant yet, so there is my next task.

I also got to see the limits of the game design I picked. I wanted something simple but addicting. I can see what changes I need to do now to make the game more accessible to people, and to give more goals rather then just ‘increase score’.

I do have the desire to write a new game. I have some ideas but I’m trying not to focus on them while working on Revaders. Don’t want to be even more distracted than I already am.

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