Posts PR RELEASE: Kaiser Permanente VP of Online Services Appointed to Google Council

PR RELEASE: Kaiser Permanente VP of Online Services Appointed to Google Council

I’ve mentioned Google’s “original” response to the movie Sicko before, and then their failed apology for it, and even their real ‘official one’. I wanted to say this loud and clear; I do not trust Google’s official word is meaningful.  Check out this article which mentions that Kaiser themselves are on Google’s council.   From the article…

The Google Health Advisory Council was created to help Google better understand the problems consumers and health providers face in the healthcare system today. Council members will offer Google feedback on ideas for new products and services that will empower consumers with their healthcare decisions.

This is not Google giving advice to Kaiser on Google’s needs; this is Kaiser advising Google.  Here is the Google PR announcement about it.  Oops, sorry.  That wasn’t it.  That was about a deal Google made selling their search appliance to Kaiser!  I found <a href=””  title=”tons”>tons</a> of <a href=””  title=”articles”>articles</a> about it but none specifically from Google.  Funny that.

Now, back to misinformation…  This one is fun, but more about the PR industry then Google or Kaiser.  Check out this article from Linda Johnson which is critical about the movie Sicko.  <a href=””  title=”The”>This</a> article can be found everywhere!  Yet the author Linda Johnson for the ‘AP’ only has two stories recently? Both about Sicko?  Guess what folks, that’s PR today… drown out everyone else as much as possible. And for the Google advertising blogger’s original article talking about advertising as a democratic force, I say this:

“Fuck you”

(Note: Linda Johnson seems to write much about the medical field, but nothing recently.  I doubt they are a paid ‘stooge’ for the industry, rather their story was broadcasted far and wide for the largest impact on the media.  I’m not trying to vilify them.)

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