Posts Google blew it?

Google blew it?

Apparently, Google apologized for crappy blog posts even after the original poster tried to unsuccessfully distance their opinion from Googles. This was further reported by the Inquirer and even the New York Times… though it was likely the Time’s article that caused Google to ‘step up’ and say that they blew it.

Reading the official response from Google for the negative publicity for the advertising campaign seems to still miss the point.  They claim that its not their opinion and they have many articles that show they are concerned that the people (their employees I assume?) get the right medical help.  Useful as they all are, they are completely missing the point.  The real problem is the insurance company (read: business men and women, not doctors) are making the decisions and deciding procedures and coverage, or lack thereof. Doctors can make a mistake too, but the insurance companies are well protected from all but the most nasty of failures in the system.

I think they are trying to change this focus away from the insurance companies and to the hospitals for a reason; its the insurance companies that have the real purse strings.

No, Google is not evil. But there is no doubt that Google makes money from PR campaigns underway to sway the public that insurance companies have only their clients best interests and not just their stockholders. Even if Google is great to their employees, which I have no doubt that they are, this ‘corporate behavior’ makes everyone else life suck that much more.

Speaking of disinformation, I’m mentioning this here but I’ll post about this later too… Kaiser Permanente VP of Online Services Appointed to Google Council.

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