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Ignorance is a happy thing… and what I love about computers is that they really are not that messy. Its neat and tidy… and easy to keep it such. I’m not really that neat of a person, but what I love about computers is keeping them ‘neat’. I’m not good with things that are messy… especially things that are ‘biological’ messy… I wish I was ignorant of those things.

(If you have vodka, take a shot now then come back. It will help.)

So, as it seems, roof rats are very common in Phoenix. Now, we have a flat roof and 3 cats, and if we had rats in our roof, we’d hear them. The cats would go nuts, and our pest man would love to charge us extra. But we have citrus. Lots of it. Roof rats love citrus. They like to eat from our trees. Now, sometimes these rats aren’t healthy…

(Still got the vodka? Take another shot… I just did.)

So, I find a dead one. It was outside by the pool, near the back wall. Oh, it was a roof rat all right, no question… least it used to be. Not sure how long ago it was alive, but it was a bit ago. I refuse to describe its condition any more.  Being the ‘man’ of the house, I knew I had to get rid of it. You do what you have to do.

(Vodka doesn’t burn after a while…)

Got my shovel. Got my bag… and in the dying light of the day, put the shovel under the fetid and half decomposed body of the rodent and placed it into the bag. (Takes a shot) I won’t tell what it looked like, nor will I tell about what was left as it was removed… I will say that even in the desert, a land that desicates everything, that rat became someone else’s food source. In this case, a lot of things “food source”.

Mmmmmm…. vodka good…

Think I’ll have the pest guy come on out for a special trip… just to be sure.

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