Posts Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

I don’t get it. Typically I cannot handle most modern shows. Take Game of Thrones. Its filled with violence and incest. I’m not a prude by any standard, but it’s simply too much for me. To be fair, most shows these days I’d rather not watch. So it’s nice when the rare show pops up that I can handle watching.

Last year Netflix came up with the “The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell” which I fell totally in love with. It was a one-seasons flick that merged baking, Muppets and Lovecraftian themes. What’s not to love?

So, now that Endgame came and went, and folks are still talking about GoT and the random YouTube star phailure… I figured I’d recommend this show for folks to watch. Hell, I want to be part of the water-cooler conversation every once and awhile. Why not recommend McConnell? Lo and Behold, I tell folks to watch it and they tell me its too creepy. The same people that think nothing of beheadings and whatnot in Game of Thrones felt this show I was recommending would give them nightmares.

I do not get this. Not even a little.

Clockwork Orange is difficult to watch. The twins in the Shining is difficult to watch. Hell, just reading about Ed Gein in wikipedia is not for the weak of stomach. But this show? How can it be worse than GoT? Or Dexter which was a success if I remember well. But McConnell is too creepy? Not buying it.

For those who remember Gwar, they were a live rock show which was hard to watch… and could be difficult as hell. Muppets on Acid and Cocaine was the best way to describe it. A time fueled by MD20/20 and god knows what else… and people who jumped into that mosh pit now sit in front of the TV soaking in executions and gore from random subscription channels and YouTube fails crying for more… while complaining of this creepy weird show on Netflix. At this point, I’ll stop recommending shows.

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