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The Dell Mini9

So the Mini9 came today, and I moved it into place on my wifes desk.TheMini9 Its a pretty nice machine. This model has the faster processor, 2 Gigs of ram, 32Gig hard drive and blue-tooth support. At some point well get her a blue-tooth mouse and keyboard, but for now we’re using the one she used to have. Also, we hooked up her old monitor as the external monitor.

As sad as it is to say, its pretty much as powerful as her old system, with a few differences. Its a touch slower, but runs much of the same programs she’s use to just fine (Firefox, open-office, pidgin). The keyboard is fantastic, though a little small for my hands. Its the perfect size for Jacob, who much to his disapointment, as to settle for Kirsten’s old computer.

I’ve include a second picture so you can see how tiny it is compared to a 17inch monitor. The box it arrived in was smaller then a book sent by Amazon these days. Honestly, I want to get one for me now.

Mini9 And Monitor

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