Posts Day three and Framework

Day three and Framework

Got the framework laptop a few days ago… put it together and installed Ubuntu 21.10. Pretty much everything worked very well. There was some video issues where it would pause a bit for half a second then continue. But everything else including the track-pad and WiFi were great.

To fix the video issue, I upgraded the kernel from 5.13 to 5.14 (5.14.21 specifically) and no problems. The laptop is just about the same dimensions as the pixelbook, except maybe 50% thicker. But the keyboard is great as is the track-pad. I have USB-C connectors and can plug it into all the rest of the components just fine too.

I got the i7, with 32G of ram and a 1TB disk, though probably will upgrade to 64G of ram. It has 2 slots and I only used one… so no issues with adding a second. This is a good replacement for me. When I know more about the battery life I’ll post about that.

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