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Framework review continued...

My framework laptop continues to impress me. Does it replace my monster desktop? No. (8 cores versus 32, 32G versus 128G) But it can definitely hold it’s own. It’s not fair to compare it to my old maxed out pixelbook, and the pixelbook was underpowered. But what is more important is this: I would not have bought that desktop if I already had this laptop. I cannot say that for any other laptop I have owned.

The other thing about this laptop is it’s portable in a way that the pixelbook is portable. Light and good power usages. Both have a 3:2 screen which is perfect for programming. Though one add-on I did was a matte screen protector. Given the screen is glossy, I ended up with a Via Screens protector sized for this laptop which installed easily enough. Note, all screens are glossy… if you buy it ‘matte’ they have a film over it. The difference here is I installed the film myself.

The laptop works great with the massive desktop monitor I have and my ergodox keyboard… no hardware issues there. As far as their internal driver updates… they had a bios upgrade via USB recently. Turns out installing it was very easy. If you have windows, it’s even easier, but no problems with the EFI shell update technique they had for Linux users. Going forward, they are integrating with LVFS so updates will just happen from the normal Linux channels in the future.

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