Posts End of the year...

End of the year...

Ah yes… its the end of the year… you know what that means? Useless predictions and meaningless attempts at changing ones lifestyle. Here are my predictions…

The government of Iran will continue to abuse their own people. Security on US flights will continue to get harsher, without apparent positive impact in real security. Wall Street will still make far more money then people who do ‘real’ work, and they will justify it as being positive for the economy. Credit card companies will find ways to screw their customers even more. Republicans and Democrats will argue instead of debate, creating more hostilities in US politics. In an attempt to loose five pounds you will gain 5 after giving up. Car companies will still be in trouble and need your help and purchasing power. ‘Lolcatz’ will continue to gain market share on the Internet. Amazon will steadily grow stronger regardless of what the ‘Nook’ is or is not. Your bank account will still be anemic, yet your bank will get stronger. Some food you like will be found to be hazardous. Political pundits will continue their war on ‘rational discussion’ and ‘news’ will continue to only be a form of entertainment. Common sense will continue to be a scarce commodity. Your favorite TV show will be canceled.

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