Posts Google opinions reward app is a bit creepy...

Google opinions reward app is a bit creepy...

I installed the Google opinions app a while ago thinking it was just a standard marketing survey app. It comes up with a few questions during the week about various products, and for your time, it’ll reward you with a quarter or two of google play store credit. It does make you feel like you’re doing tricks for google… rewarding you the way a animal performer rewards their dog with nibbles of food. But its been mostly harmless.

I say ‘mostly’ because lately its moved into the creepy stage. Twice now I’ve gone shopping only to have surveys pop up about the store I was just at. The first time it happened I thought it was a strange coincidence. This second time is giving me pause.

The survey app is on my tablet so its not that the ‘app’ detected where I was, rather it gives the impression that the servers that the app talks are asked where I’ve been lately. Funnier is both those locations are where I tried to use Google wallet with my phone but the transactions failed. Google’s “silent” war with Apple pay, trying to get data on failed usaged?

It still could be a coincidence… but I’m starting to get unnerved.

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