Posts Sprint, S5 and bloatware

Sprint, S5 and bloatware

I had a ‘massive’ install of a bunch of apps on my phone. It looks like its sprint-mandated bloatware. (I use ting, but we all know how that goes…. had to get the S5 from ting, so….)

Anyways…. I removed them quickly. Disabled ‘mobile id’ which is what I think is causing it. (Mobile ID runs ‘MVNO Configuration Update’ which provides wallpapers among other apps.)

What was added? 11 files, each less then 1M. Almost wiped my phone from this. Still might…. not sure if it was actually pown’d or not. Here is the list:

  • Sprint Money Express

  • Scout

  • Featured Apps

  • NextRadio

  • NBA Game Time

  • NASCAR Mobile 2014

  • Messaging+

  • Eureka Offers

  • eBay

  • App Pass

  • Amazon Preloader

I should point out I just updated podkicker recently…. then this happened a few hours later. I could be that app. Either way I’m kinda pissed, but not sure exactly who to be pissed at.

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