Posts Its the little things that I find funny...

Its the little things that I find funny...

Prawf was intended to be a ‘Practical Workflow Engine’. I had put together the words years ago thinking it didn’t mean anything else.Image

Apparently it (mostly) means “Test” in Welsh. I found this out months ago, but figured since no one reserved the domain name ‘’ by now, it simply wasn’t that popular.

Since I started, I’ve gotten random spam as anyone would. This one email that wasn’t spam caught my eye. It was from someone at, which I thought was a fake hostname. Turns out its real. The email was a ‘test’ email. It was a reply from a filled out form to this website, with each filed in the form set to ‘prawf’. Instead of the email address of the person filling out the form being ‘’, it was set to ‘’. 

I have a habit of deleting spam regularly, rather then letting google delete it after 30 days. never got that much spam, but does. I think I’m going to start reviewing the spam folder there ‘just to see’ how much of it is ‘test’ messages.


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