Posts Moving to Ting for cell service

Moving to Ting for cell service

Moving to Ting for cell service

I’m leaving Sprint. I got really tired of Sprint charging me for $10/phone/month for ‘extended data’, which was their way of saying ‘4G’, even though 4G is not available anywhere near me. But the reality is the costs are not that different between Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon, or even AT&T. Sprint is (was) typically cheaper…. but I decided to part ways even though I’m not going that far. I’m going to use Ting.

With my son starting to need a phone, I was getting ready to add him to my Sprint account. It would be a two year contract, get him some phone, and its at least another $40/month. But instead, I opted to use Ting. My current bill of ~$140/month before taxes for two phones, runs about $53/month on Ting. The service list is pretty much identical. Differences include Ting allowing tethering with no additional cost. Roaming is free on both for voice, but Ting doesn’t let you roam for data at all.

The cost difference is because Ting charges you for what you use, where Sprint is ‘virtually’ unlimited, so they charge more then what the average user actually uses, and pockets the difference. The reality is my family uses far less on Sprint then what I pay for. As much as I complain about no 4G in my area, I’m not going to use a ton of data when I’m not in a wifi spot. Even when I travel, I use my phone for music (Pandora, Google music), email, and browsing on the web while waiting. That’s really still not a ton of data.

For my son, Ting lets me limit the number of messages, calls and megs used… sending warnings to him and me as he approaches those limits. The max he can spend on his phone is less then what it would be to add him to my account. (And pretty close to what I use now anyways) We used my old EVO 4G. Converting it from Sprint to Ting is easy, (You can only convert sprint android phones, not other phones from other carriers) and since I didn’t have to buy a new phone for this ‘test’, my out-of-pocket costs are minimal. But if he can show responsibility, we’ll get him a new phone to use.

For me and my wife, as our phones come off contract we’ll move to Ting. My phone is next early next year.

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